Going to London and Paris for the holidays and I am going to be insufferable

Insufferable?  Why?  Because I am going to talk about it non-stop before, during, and after.

A coworker (who is going to Europe in two weeks) and I spent the better part of the work day chatting about our respective trips.  It made me finally realize that the only way to keep from being insufferable is to find your own kind (i.e. another fellow world traveler) who is not going to find you insufferable (i.e. judgemental) because they too need to bond over your mutual love of SeatGuru.com

I have pretty much decided that I am not going to tell anyone in my family that I am going. In fact, they are not going to be even remotely interested.  I have members of my family who think going on a cruise is the height of fashionable world travel.  There is nothing wrong with cruising (yes there is!) and I guess being out on the open seas with 5000 of your nearest and dearest (hello, insane) has it’s… finer qualities (such as spreading disease) and the continual offering on no-stop buffets full of food (troughs) is welcome…

OMG!  Just stop cruising, already!  Gross… as in super gross.  Do people even watch the news? There’s a cruise ship diaster at least once a month these days!


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